Our Passion

ProInteractive has grown from a passion to help introduce digital technology within all types of businesses. We understand how difficult it is for bricks and mortar based businesses to compete with on-line businesses. Both types of businesses have unique factors that have allowed both to thrive independently.

We are focused on bridging that gap and eliminating the barriers previously thought to exist for these types of businesses to utilise digital technology.

Customer focused, and always at the end of the phone to discuss our products and provide support, we pride ourselves on providing a personal service.

Our Approach

ProInteractive has developed a unique position within the market by taking a “one solution” approach, which means the software connects one App to a cloud platform, eliminating technical skills for set up and content management. This allows for rapid scalability by simply downloading the App onto a tablet and adding it to devices managed from one remote cloud. ProInteractive enables end users to quickly update content across thousands of devices in minutes using the cloud. Key unique selling points include: