Innovate how you engage with visitors to improve the customer journey, drive more sales & boost retention

Perfect environments where the solution will add value:

Food & Beverages:

• Restaurants
• Fast food restaurants
• Nightclubs & bars


• Restaurants
• Fast food restaurants
• Nightclubs & bars

Leisure & Hospitality:

• Hotels
• Gyms & Spas
• Museums
• Leisure Centres
• Cinemas & Theatres
• Health & Beauty

Plus Sectors:

• Events, conferences & exhibitions
• Automotive car show rooms
• Estate Agents
• Airports
• Healthcare, clinics
• Serviced Offices

How our clients are benefiting?


Capture valuable data

Highly qualified data can be used to ensure that you connect with your customer base and share marketing material.

Build your social commerce/following

Social marketing has grown exponentially, but how are you actively building your following from your footfall.

KPI - Improve Employee Accountability

Our software provides users with KPI that can measure and monitor employee performance.

Drive retention & repeat custom

Form connections that last beyond a customer visit and reduce your customer acquisition cost.

Technological Advantage

Gain a competitive advantage through technology and the continuous reduction of your online and offline gap.

Increase brand loyalty

Through re-marketing and targeted campaigns at your visiting customer base you can form loyalty that may have been difficult before.

Some of the brands we are proud to work with...

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